Evangelism Tools

It's been said that a man is only as good as his tools. Well, we've done the hard work and would like to share some of our tools with you! Take some time to browse the links below and build your spiritual "tool chest" to further equip yourself as a soulwinner.

Mr. Genor Testimony

If We Could See Inside the Heart

The Bridge: Good News

“The Room” by Joshua Harris

“At the time of writing this story, Joshua Harris intended to share it to encourage others in their faith walk with Jesus. Although he has publicly spoken against the faith since that time, I felt it was still a powerful illustration of the Gospel message.”
– Rev. Randy Saylor


Living the Evangelistic Life Book by Randy Saylor

Living the Evangelistic Life


On sale now! A soulwinner’s syllabus designed for classroom or personal study. Learn some of Rev. Saylor’s powerful techniques and testimonies to help you become a fisher of men.

Fishers of Men: A Handbook for Soulwinners

Fishers of Men


Classic minibook on evanglism by Dr. Lester Sumrall; accompaniment book for Living the Evangelistic Life.

Evangelism Value Combo

Evangelism Value Combo


A power-packed evangelism trio consisting of Dr. Lester Sumrall’s minibook, Fishers of Men; Living the Evangelistic Life, by Rev. Randy Saylor; and a bonus CD by Dr. Mark T. Barclay to use as an evangelism follow-up tool. Also contains a tri-fold brochure tract and two other witnessing tools.

For use with Living the Evangelistic Life. Please take the test first before reviewing answer key!

An easy-to-use tool that you can print off and carry in your pocket.  Use it to keep track of people you witness to and to leave them with contact info for a Bible-believing church near them.

Basic guide for new soulwinners.